Whatsapp security- The main objective of creating WhatsApp was to keep friends and families in touch and share news and information to loved ones. In the process of doing these, texts, images, videos, and other documents are sent.


Presently, WhatsApp security has made sure that whatever is sent to your loved ones remains private and is only seen by the parties involved in the conversation and no other person, even WhatsApp will have access to your chats

However, it has devised a means to keep your conversation private, the method in which your chats are protected is end-to-end encryption which allows texts and other forms of messages and information sent to be seen by only the sender and the receiver and no involvement of any third party. Chats are automatically secured with a unique lock key which is only available to the two parties involved in the conversation.


All your chat has its own unique security code. Two chats cannot have the same WhatsApp security code, these codes are available in both the QR code form and digits (the digits consists of 60 numbers). These codes can be compared between the two parties in a conversation for verification purposes.

The codes will be the same, for instance, contact A and contact B in a chat will have the same security code but contact B and contact C cannot have the same security code as contact A and B.

These codes are subject to change whenever you or your contact changes device or reinstall WhatsApp. You might not be notified when this happens, to turn on notification when this happens do the following

  1. Launch your WhatsApp and go to settings
  2. Navigate account and tap security
  3. Tap show security notification

Chats are always secured by end-to-end encryption, there are no setting to turn on or turn off WhatsApp security.


You can add a lock to your WhatsApp, either pin, password or pattern for extra security and privacy. What’s app does not come with a lock but your phone does, so this can only be done from your phones setting. To lock your WhatsApp do the following below

  1. Download and install any AppLock from your playstore or appstore
  2. Launch the AppLock
  3. Enable security lock on the applock by either pin, pattern or password
  4. Scroll through your list of application installed in your device.
  5. Select WhatsApp and add it to the list of secured apps

Even after your device restarts or if your device is not locked, applocks will always remain active, keeping all your apps secured from Intruders and snoopers. Applocks does not encrypt your chats but only lock your WhatsApp, giving no access to outsiders.

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