Whatsapp group chat is a sub of WhatsApp that allows you to send and receive texts from different people in the same platform, not only texts but also media too. Whatsapp is a free online platform that allows people to chat privately and chat in groups.


Just like in every team there is a captain, in every group, there must be at least one admin. In simple terms, this is a person who creates the WhatsApp group chat. This individual is vested with the power to make any participant of the participants an admin too.

Need to be a part of one? It’s quite easy. Joining or becoming a member, only requires an invite by link or traditionally by the admin adding you to the group chat. Invite link can be sent by anyone but can only be generated by a group admin. Admins can also revoke an invite link, once a link is revoked no one will be able to join the group through that link again.

Admins can set the WhatsApp group chat such that no one except the admins will be able to send messages to the group or be able to edit the group name or change the group icon, once this is done it can only be undone by the admins.


Anyone can create this; there are no special requirements for creating a WhatsApp group chat, apart from being a user of WhatsApp and having contacts to add. The following will show you how to create yours

  1. Launch your WhatsApp app and make sure you have an active internet connection on your device
  2. From your WhatsApp page tap the options icon
  3. Then navigate and tap on new group
  4. On the new tab, a list of all your contacts will appear, select the contacts you want to add to your group
  5. Tap on next and you’ll be taken to another tab where you can add a name for the group chat and a profile picture for the group then tap the checkmark when you are done to save changes and create your WhatsApp group chat

You can always add more members at any time and also remove members, members can also leave of their own free will. Group names and profile photo can be edited at any time too.


You wish to leave a WhatsApp group chat if you are no longer interested in the group or for many other reasons. If you wish to exit the group, follow these steps closely

  1. Launch WhatsApp
  2. Search for the group you want to leave
  3. Open the group chat
  4. Tap on the group header
  5. On the new tab will be the group description and names and contacts of the group participants
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the group and tap on exit group
  7. You’ll be asked if you want to really exit the group or just mute instead, select exit and you’ll no longer be a participant of the group chat

After exiting a group chat, it still appears on your list. To delete it from your list, hold the group down, a list of options will appear at the top of your screen, tap on delete (a trash can icon) and all messages on that group will be deleted, the group will also delete from your chat list.

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