Whatsapp business app is free to download and use the app and it is mainly meant for small business owners. Presently, Whatsapp is best known for sending texts, different formats of files and documents. Originally, WhatsApp was created to be a platform for fun and communication.

Whatsapp Business App

Today, there’s a separate version of WhatsApp that allows business owners to communicate with their customers and grow their business. Apart from being able to directly communicate with your customer, their latest invention comes with many other features.

However, large business owners can make use of the WhatsApp business API which allows the business owners to send out notifications and connect with their customers. Whatsapp business API users are charged for replying messages that are older than a day and also for sending out notifications.


Evidently, the Whatsapp team are innovators with result-driven minds. This recent development comes with a lot of features to help you make your business customer-friendly and also help promote your business.

Here’s a list of its features
  • Business profile – create a business profile telling your customers what your business is all about.
  • Quick replies – quick replies allows you to save messages, saved messages can be used again to reply texts or questions frequently asked by customers.
  • Automated messages – these are away messages that are automatically sent to your customers when you are unavailable.
  • Labels – Labels are used to group and organize your customer contacts and chats making it easy for you to find them.

All the above features can be edited to your own taste in order to make it easier for you to bloom your business. Not all the features are available for iPhone users.


This app have been available for Android users for more than a year now, but it just came to the iPhone users recently. Also, it is available for free for the iPhone users with almost all the features the Android. Although, whatsapp business app for iPhone is not available in all countries.

Below are steps on how to download WhatsApp business app on iPhone
  1. Ensure your iPhone is iOS8 and above because it is not available to lower versions
  2. Download and install testflight form appstore
  3. Enter whatsappbetainfo testflight
  4. Download WhatsApp business app for iPhone and install

After downloading and installing you’ll notice that the app is the same with added features. The automated messages feature is not available for iPhone users but you can use Whatsapp web with iPhone on the WhatsApp business app which allows you to chat and send files to your customers from your PC.

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