Walmart Plans for Robot check store inventories cancels

Walmart Plans for robot check store inventories cancels – just as Elon Musk settled with his Tesla Model 3 factory, Walmart has gotten to know that robots can’t necessarily displace human beings.

The retail giant has concluded in scrapping plans to use them to automate inventory tracking after discovering that people could do as good a job, according to the WSJ.

Back in 2017, Walmart began testing the fully autonomous bots built by Bossa Nova Robotics in around 50stores. They can scan MULTIPLE items at a time, and much like self-driving cars, use 3D Imagine to dodge obstacles while keeping track of areas that need to be rechecked.

The idea was that they’d check stock levels, pricing, and misplaced items, relieving the load on human staff and reducing labor costs.

COVID-19 has however shifted sales online, Walmart found that workers collecting online deliveries from shelves could also gather inventory data. Walmart has plans to use those folks to monitor levels and locations, essentially making the robots redundant (and proving that turnabout is fair play).

 Other consideration like the CEO John Furner was very much concerned about how shoppers might react and communicate with robots in stores.

There is no Doubt as Robot still have their place in stores with Roomba -like floor scrubbers, for example. And while the inventory robots didn’t work out, the company said the experiment was still worthwhile. “

we discovered a lot about how technology can assist associates to make jobs easier and provide a better customer experience” words a spokesperson told the WSJ.

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