Walmart Card Balance | check your Walmart Visa Gift Card, |Walmart Money Card Balance

Walmart Card Balance | check your Walmart Visa Gift Card, |Walmart Money Card Balance – knowing your Walmart card balanced of great advantage as its guild you anytime you are making traction and to who the whole status of your card balance.

You will be learning how to check your account card balance for different Walmart card, such as the Walmart visa Gift Card, the Walmart MoneyCard.

Walmart Visa Gift Card

The Walmart Visa Gift card is given by Green dot Bank, Members FDIC. You can use your Walmart’s card everywhere. the Visa debits cards are accepted in the fifty states of the united states of America and the Districts of Columbia, which excludes Puerto Rico as well as other United states territories.

This card can not be used at any merchant, including internet and mail or telephone order merchants outside of the united states or the District of Columbia. Note that this card may not be accepted at merchants that need manual card imprints.

Register Your Card

In other to have access and shop online or with your mobile phone, you have to register your card. This is so because merchants need to verify the billing address linked with this card before you can authorize your online purchase

You can register you cards to:

  • Type in your Gift Card Number in the Field box
  • Enter a 3-digits Security Code
  • Choose the expiration date
  • Click on the check balance link

 You check your balance all day at any Walmart register at or by calling Walmart number

How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance

The Walmart card gives you the biggest cash back rewards of the year. on your shopping from 11/15/20 – 12/19/20 up to $75per year

With this card you do a lot such as:

  • Earn 4% cashback at Walmart .com
  • Earn 2%cash back at Walmart stores
  • Earn 3%cash back at and in the Walmart app and 2% cash back at fuel stations. And 1% cashback at Walmart stores, up to $75 each year
  • With free cash reloads, you can deposit cash at no charge using the Walmart MoneyCard app at Walmart stores Nationwide.
  • Earn a 2% annual interest on savings (APY) on up to $1000 in your free savings account. Also, you get chances to win cash prizes each month.
  • Get paid early ASAP Direct Deposit. You can get your pay up to days before payday and your benefits up to 4days before benefits day with ASAP Directs Deposit.

You can check your Walmart balance using four options and they include:

Using the Walmart MoneyCard Mobile App

The Walmart MoneyCard money app gives you access to check your card balance. All you have to do I simply download the app from the google store or the App and sign in using your user ID and password to access your account information balance.

If you do not remember your user ID or Password or have not yet set up your online MoneyCard account, you can see the card’s website for help.

Sign up for text Message

The following option, is to sign up for text, alerts to help you check your card balance. You can do this by logging into your account, and waiting for text alert.

After opting in, use the following approaches to check your card balance by text:

  • Type in a text message to Walmart -text “BALNXXXX” (THE LAST 4-DIGITS OF YOUR CARD) TO 96411 to receive your balance
  • Send the message to 96411 which spell “WM411”
  • Patiently wait for a response. After a few minutes, check your text message inbox for a text from Walmart that displays your current Walmart MoneyCard Balance.

Note Walmart does not charge any fee to use its service. your mobile phone carrier may charge text messaging fees.

Receive Accounts Alerts

Sign in to your MoneyCard account Online and enroll in the account alerts.

Call Customer Service

The fourth option is to check your card balance by calling customer service. Once you do this, a representative can assist you with any question you have about card balance.

After checking your Walmart MoneyCard Balance, any suspicious transaction you don’t understand, you can place a call to the customer service of the Walmart MoneyCard.

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