Twitter followers- Twitter is an interactive social network that can be accessed both on mobile devices and on PC, on mobile devices it can be accessed through your web browser on or through the app. Unlike Facebook with friends and posts, it brings you followers and tweets. Tweets are posts that can only be seen by your followers or any random user that opens and views your profile.

Get More Twitter Followers

You can set your account such that your tweets will only be seen by your twitter followers and you can do this by making your account private. Private account profile cannot be seen by anyone but their followers, and for you to be a follower of a private account you must first request to follow that account and the account owner must accept your request.


You can achieve this by liking tweets, commenting and retweeting on other users tweets. If you do not have any Twitter followers your tweets will not be seen by anyone but you will still be able to see tweets of people you follow on your feeds. Follow these simple steps to boost your followers

  1. Reaching out to people on other medium and asking them to follow you
  2. Following your followers
  3. Frequently using Twitter and tweeting
  4. On your profile status or description, make write-ups that are inviting and will attract people
  5. Make more uses of hashtags
  6. Post more of images and videos

With these 6 tips, you will grow more twitter followers rapidly and swiftly. Whether you’re looking to gain fame or just for the fun of it, theses tips will take you a long way


These are apps that gain you more twitter followers, monitor your activities on the platform and, keep track of your followers in case anyone unfollows you, you will be notified.

Here’s a list of apps to help you
  • Socialboss
  • Twurly
  • Managefilter
  • Hootsuite
  • Hypegrowth

These are third parties app that will gain partial or full access to your Twitter account or profile, if you’re not so comfortable with sharing your Twitter account or profile details with anyone then you do not necessarily need to use any of the above-listed app.

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