The Silhouette Challenge – Tik tok vidoes

Silhouette challenge Tiktok – how to make your own silhouette Challenge on TikTok – we all know what is happening and trending on social media. Every day we get to have different challenges trending on social media. But this day we have a different and powerful challenge known as the silhouette challenge.

The Silhouette challenge has been trending on tiktok and a lot of peopleare posting it allover on twiter and Instagram.very famous social media influencers and content creators are making ther own versionof  the challenge to stand complete.

How to make your own silhouette Challenge on TikTok

Here is a step-by-step guide with esy instruction on how to make your own Silhouette Challenge.

  • Make sure you have pics art app and the TikTok application fully installed in your phone.
  • Take a hot andromantic video of youeself and take a screenshot of your videos last frame. Your video has to be dark. You can still make it look like a shadow.
  • Open your image of he last frame on the pics art and search for your favourite anime chaacter’s sticker. Blend the colors and contrast will help you get ashadow.
  • Navihate and adjust the sticker to the position of your choice.when you make perfect adjustment it helps youachieve the perfct frame.
  • Finally you need to open your ticktok application and put the parts together with the sound. The sound track people use for the challenge is the “put your head on my sholder” by “Paul Anka”

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