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Shops on Facebook and Instagram | Instagram shopping | Facebook online stores – shops are an easy way for you to build a customized digital storefront across our family of your app. Your shop gives you the ability to inspire your customers and help them find the products that are right for them. These shops are simple to set up, seamless to use, load faster relative to a mobile website, and global I scale.

How Facebook and Instagram shop works

  1. Sellers who previously had an Instagram profile shop and/ or Facebook page will be prompted to convert to shops, before setting up your shop, you will see an email that you can use Facebook shops business with a linked Facebook Page Shop and Instagram profiles may be eligible to have a shared storefront across both Instagram and Facebook.
  2. new sellers can create a sho in commerce manager. If you’ve never set up an Instagram profile and/or Facebook page shop, you can create a shop in commerce manager.
  3. You can attract customers b creating collections to cand customizing your shop. You’ll go to the commerce Manager to customize your shop, and to create, arrange, and customize your collections. Each collection will have you a name, description, cover media, and include at least 2 or more products. You can organize products into collections with a variety of themes that can help your customers find products that is just right for them.
  4. Shops showcase your brand and products in a native mobile experience. After publishing your shop, customers will be able to find it through Facebook or Instagram app or Apple Or Android devices. Your shop will be viewed in a full-screen immersive experience and your collections will be shown as personalized products to customers. When you add new inventory to your shop, people can see it in their News Feed, on the Facebook shop tab, or get a notification to encourage them to visit your shop.
  5. Shops provide a unified presence on Facebook and Instagram. Shop customize features are unified across the family apps. This means that if you have a shop that is accessible from both your Instagram profile and your Facebook page, then your collections may be visible on both Instagram and Facebook.

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