Samsung’s Latest Rugged Tablet Gets a Dex and WiFi 6 update

Samsung’s Latest Rugged Tablet Gets a Dex and WiFi 6 update – you thought Samsung was fully done with its announcements this month, give it a second thought. After showing off a slew of new TVs, the Galaxy Chromebook 2robots, the Galaxy Buds ProGalaxy Smart Tags, and the Galaxy S21 series, the company has one more thing to share. The Galaxy Tab Active 3, which Samsung launched in Europe and Asia in September, is now headed to the US. It’s an 8-inch Android tablet that’s positioned as more of a business-to-business product and comes with a protective cover for companies that want something both lightweight and long lasting gadget.

The recent slate follows up the tab active 2 and includes WIFi6capabilities a well as a programmable key on the side that you can customize to launch your best a. this is a, well as the volume buttons on the device’s right side, was easy to press despite being encased in the rigid cover. That protect sleeve, by the way, will keep your tab safe even when it accidentally falls to the floor of a height range of 1.5meters. this is a huge improvement over the last model1.2 meter guarantee. Our demo unit was locked to a desk, we didn’t test the claim out, and we’ll have to take Samsung’s word for it now. The Active 3 also meets Ip68 and MIL-STD-810H standards for dust and water resistance as well as military high-grade durability.

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