Raspberry pi 400 is $70 and is a keyboard and also a computer

Raspberry pi 400 is $70 and is a a keyboard and also a computer – In the eight and a bit years since the first model launched, the raspberry pI has traditionally been sold as a computer.

You obtain the board separately, attach your own peripherals, insert an SD card and then get to start working with your own computing project.

The Foundation watched as third parties- including Kano-built their own all-in- one PC solution around the raspberry pi, directing it to create its own Desktop kit, which bundled all of the necessary tech to deploy a fully-functional desktop or coding workstation.

Now it’s going one better with the launch of the Raspberry pi 400 – a complete personal computer built inside a 78 -key keyboard that starts at $70.

The pi 400 has almost the exact dimensions of the official Raspberry pi keyboard and hub, but with all of the extra ports and connectors needed to turn it into a PC

The power is provided by the same- albeit slightly tuned- quad- core Broadcom BCM2711 processor found in the Raspberry pi, along with 4GB of RAM, dual- band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.1 Gigabit Ethernet and three USB ports (two USB 3.0 and One USB 2.0).

There are also known two micro HDMI ports, a GPIO header and a microSD card slot for OS and data storage.

The $70 computer units is the no-frills option: you literally get the keyboard and will need add your own power and accessories.

However, the $100 pi 400 computer kit includes a localized power supply, mouse, a pre -formatted 16GB microSD card, a beginner’s Guide and a 1M micro HDML to HDMI-A cable. It is very similar to the Desktop kit but with even fewer part.

The inspiration behind pi 400 Came from “challenges for less- technical users in configuring a device with a lot of parts, often without hands -on support because COVID- related restriction on home visits” confirmed Raspberry pi CEO Eben Upton”

“The all-in-one form factors is about simplifying the setup for people who just want to use their Raspberry pi as a PC. Fewer components on the desk means less clutter, faster setup and teardown times, also brings some cost savings, so the kit is significantly cheaper than the pi 4 4GB Desktop kit($100 vs $120 RRP).”

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