Pet rescue saga Mod 1.268.21 APK (unlimited Live) download free

By | December 15, 2020

Pet rescue saga Mod 1.268.21 APK (unlimited Live) Download free – Get to play this addictive and fun game during your leisure hours.


Link 3 puzzle games are some of the most addictive and fun games on mobile devices. Cuddles to their incredible and easy mechanics and the great reward system embedded into them.

The game is just simple, technical, and calculative. They are cute loving pets trapped under some blocks and then more blocks will fall from the roof on these innocent pets. Now your job is just this match the blocks as quickly as you can to stop them from stacking up. Ultimately, you want to remove all the blocks on top of the pet so that you can rescue these pets.

You will have to repeat the same level all over again if you allow these blocks to fall on the pet. If you are looking for a pill to clear away boredom then you should swallow these pills and it will heal your boredom forever

Tips for playing pet Rescue Saga.

Just as it is for any game, having a little idea about how to play the game before you start will help you a lot. With pet rescue. Sage apk, you’ll want to learn a thing or more to make this seemly simple game much easier – then you can smash every level with ease.

Plan ahead – always ensure that you are at all times considering where the blocks will land you match a bunch together. The last thing that you want is for your pet to be stuck on top of a colored block that can’t be matched with anything. So, always try to plan ahead and concentrate on saving your pets instead of just matching things together to get a higher score. Your high score will not mean much when you lose any level.

Use boosters – you can earn boosters to get rid of lots of blocks at once. Use these steps very wisely and make sure that you’re not just throwing them away on pointless rows. You want to use these to rescue pets. You only get so many moves in this game, so make sure that you’re always focusing your efforts on rescuing pets and not popping blocks.

Don’t accept lives when you are maxed out– your friends might choose to gift you with a life, but be very careful – if you accept it when you already have full lives then you’ll just waste it. It’ll stay in your inbox until you open it. To save these for when you actually need lives. In summary, only take lives from friends when it is necessary.

Don’t let your pets get snatched. If your pets get too high will get scared and it will start vibrating, this tells that it is about to get snatched by pet thieves. If you let them still your pet, then you lose it forever because you never going to recover it again.

Use the computer if you are stuck. It seems to be the case that levels are much simple to complete on the computer than on your phone. If you are stuck, then switch over to the Facebook version on the desktop.

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