Open My Facebook Friends| how to create a custom Friends List

Open My Facebook Friends| how to create a custom Friends List – today I will be talking about “open My Friends List “on the Facebook platform. Before we talk about this topic, it will be very nice to understand what the topic means. Get your nerves calm as we get to talk about this interesting blog post.

What do you understand by A Friends List?

A Facebook friends list will aid you to keep your Facebook Newsfeed well arranged. You can select any friend list to see a feed of posts made by people on your friend’s list.

Friends list on Facebook – Open My Facebook Friends

Making a friend list on Facebook, you get to post an update for specific people to like friends who resides close by. You can create Facebook create a Facebook friends list for certain kind of people. They may include

  • Restricted; when you add someone or group of people to your restricted list, they have I’ll only be able those your public contents or post of yours that you tag them.
  • Close friends; these are friends you to share important and exclusive information with.
  • Acquaintance; people you might want to share less info with.

You develop a custom list to arrange your friends as you like on Facebook. You choose who to add or not to add from the custom list. You organize on Facebook.

Facebook- create A Custom Friends List.

  • Open the Facebook app on your Mobile device
  • On the news feed page, click the explore tab on the left side of the page
  • Sellers friends list.
  • Choose to create a custom list
  • Name your list
  • Add people to your list
  • Click create
  • Click on mange list to change the name of your new friend’s list, edit, or delete people from the list.

You can simply add people to your facebook friends list, kindly;

Go to the facebook app

Go to your friends profile page

Tap on friends below their profile picture

Click edit friends list

Click add friends

Then tap done.

Note; people won’t be notified when you add them to your customer friends list.

Open and View Your Custom Friends Lists.

You can only open and view a custom friends list if you have already created one. But if you don’t have a custom friends list. To create and organize your friends on Facebook.

Follow these guides to create a Facebook mobile app.

  • First, open your Facebook Mobile app
  • Go to newsfeed
  • Just on the left side of the page, click the explore section
  • Click friends lists.
  • Click on it to open a list of your custom friends.

This is an amazing way to keep track of your friends.

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