MyBonus – Earn Cash Placing by Placing free Order Daily

MyBonus – Earn Cash Placing by Placing free Order Daily – this my Bonus Platform is an online platform that operates just as Z- union does. My Bonus is a shopping site online tht pays you after shopping with them. if you really enjoy the services that the Z-Union offers then you will definitely enjoy MyBonus as well. You are entitled to be gaining 0.52 cents equivalent to 200N with MyBonus.

But then if you are looking forward to spamming this payment site as you did for Z-Union, here is to let  you know that you will not find it easy-going t your side, but you are free to try it out. And so, make sure that you read this piece of information in order to acquire more knowledge you need on My Bonus

How does MyBonus Work?

You are granted to recharge your account with a certain amount of money and get entitled to place 60 orders if you are a customer, and you will be given you reward with specific percentage for each of the orders you place.

They have about 6 packages or plans made available for you to subscribe to, the least package there cost just one 2.2 dollars equivalent to a thousand naira, while the highest package cost 8 million naira. Below are the six packages available on MyBonus

The Silver Hall: the least amount in this package is N 1,000 while the highest amount is N59,999. You will get a reward of 3% foe each order you make.

The Golden Hall. The minimum amount in the golden package is N60,000 and the maximum amount goes for N179,000. You will receive a 3.5% for each order you make.

The platinum Hall. The minimum amount that follows this package is 180,000 while the maximum amount is 499,999. In this package you get to earn 4% for each other made.

The Dimond Hall; the minimum amount that this package come with is N500,000 and the maximum amount that comes with it N2,999,999 and you claim a reward of 4.5% for each other.

The crown Hall: the minimum amount of N3,000,000 and amaximum amount of N7,999,999. You will earn 5% for each order

The supreme Hall; This package follow  a minimumamount of N8,000,000and you will be rewarded 5.5% for each order.

So you can see now that there is no maximum amount that you can put on this platform. This clearly means that the limit to how much you earn in this platform only depends on how much you recharge your MyBonus account with

What is MyBonus minimum withdrawal threshold?

The minimum amount of money to be withdrawn from this site is N1,000, while the Maximum amount you can pull  out is N1,000,000,000.

How To Join MyBonus

 you can go ahead and create an account by using their link. Then you sign up for an account by providing all the required details such as a username, your phone number, and any password you wish to use. Once you have provided all that, you can then click on the registered button, and then click on go download. This will take you to your app store (either Google Play Store or Apple Store, depending on the device you are using) in order for you to download the MyBonus app.

How to Recharge my MyBonus account

You must complete your profile on this platform before recharging your account. It  is very easy to do and will just few minutes to setup.

  • You will first need to launch the app, then click from the bottom of the navigation area;
  • Then you click on Profile to complete your profile;
  • Head back to the previous menu, that is the ‘Mine’ page;
  • You click on the Address Management and type in your original name and phone number.
  • After you are done with these things, you can now recharge your MyBonus account. This is all you need to do:
  • Head back to the Mine page and click on recharge;
  • Then you select the Online recharge and click on the Next button;
  • Type in the amount that you want to recharge, and click on recharge Amount.

How can withdraw from MyBonus

To withdraw, you will go to the mine page and click on withdraw;

 You will be required to fill in your bank details if you are withdrawing for the first time. You can then enter your withdrawal amount and then tap on withdraw cash,

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