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How to View Private Friends List on Facebook | Locate Hidden Friends FB | FACEBOOK APP – Sometimes a lot of Facebook users lock their Facebook and avoid people from viewing their contact list for reasons best known to them. This altitude is most common for celebrities who find it unpleasant for people to view their contact who are also their friends on the platform. I just want to let you know that this feature is not meant for some certain kind of people alone. Now anyone who wishes to lock their list of friends from outsides can now do so.

Some of the reasons why people hide their List

Just for the sake of privacy and security reasons, Facebook users end up restricting their friend’s list. Apart from the fact that we get fun from using Facebook, safety should be the first thing we should consider. Some people prefer to keep their friend list privates well as their personal activities thereby restricting people from seeing how active they are on the platform and friend list.

Ways in which you can view peoples hidden friend list

Shielding your friends from users so they can’t try to spy or pip at what you on the platform. well here are some tips on how to get it done.

  • Open the Friend finder page
  • Scroll to where you have a Mutual Friends Section
  • Input the Name you wish to find on the person’s list

Note; for this process to be successful, you are required to have at least one mutual friend with the person you want to view from. You will only be shown the friends you have in common. ThatS only mutual friends that you are allowed to see.

  • Always make sure you install the Google Chrome extension on your device
  • Facebook Friends Mapper
  • Log into your FB account with the chrome browser
  • Open the target user profile and click on friends.
  • A link will appear stating ‘Reveal Friends
  • Click on it
  • Calmy wait to see all the hidden friends appear.

I strongly believe you find this article helpful, and share to those who needs it as well.

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