How to See People who View your Profile on Facebook | My profile Viewers 2020 2021

By | February 9, 2021

How to See People and who View your Profile on Facebook | My profile Viewers 2020 2021

it is quite important for you to know the persons  friends who visit your profile on Facebook daily,atleast for security reasons and otherwise.

As an inspired tech literate, I was receiving a series of comments on my inbox from friends seriously concerned to know if there is any way I can help them identify who visited their profiles on facebook. This was a tough one though but driven by my passion I never stopped, until I figured a way out.

I was solutions on how to solve this problem that my web users are facing. Some of these solutions users complained are not too visible or easy to search on the platform. You must go extra miles and that’s where we come in.

The number of people asking the same question keeps multiplying in a geometric rate. After series of researches, I come to realize that there are other innovative ways you can use in figuring out who viewed your facebook profile recently and these secret techniques are developed by some web professionals developers.

I will be showing you many ways you can use in knowing people who visited your profile. By following this post with understanding, certainly, you will know “Facebook profile visitors web browser extension/add-on, Android/iOS apps” that will enable you to know who visited your Facebook profile.

Ways you can see who view your profile

Facebook Source code

Scanning your Facebook source code is another significant way you can quickly use to figure out or identify who visited your page recently. Try this step out. Check out this step.

The good part of this is that Facebook source code can be open in both Mozilla FireFox and Chrome web internet browser from your desktop.

However, I advise you to use any browser that you like but don’t forget to follow these steps to see who visited your Facebook using source code.

Have it in mind: These steps work for both chrome and Mozilla browser

  • Login to your Facebook through the web browser and move to the Facebook home page.
  • Right-click anywhere on your screen and select view page source. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + U if you are using chrome browser.
  • Doing that will open your Facebook timeline source code in a new tab. Normally the source page will contain codes that you don’t know. So just open the search box by pressing CTRL + F and type in “InitialChatFriendsList” on the search box
  • Find ad access the “InitialChatFriendsList” source  code and check for users profiles under it
  • The numbers you have seen after the “InitialChatFriendsList” are the profile IDs of people who recently visited your profile.
  • to know the exact person that visited your profile, You will have to visit their profile ID by simply opening and then type a new tab to visit the person profile

utilizing the social Profile View chrome Extention

Don’t just install an extension without first using it. Honestly, this chrome extension is an ideal way you can use to detect and know who visited your Facebook profile once you are using your Facebook profile on the Chrome web browser.

Just as the extension has been set up on your chrome browser, It will automatically start tracking Facebook users who visit your profile As well as showing you your recent profile visitors by scanning the information from the LOG file. This is a smart one.

To set up this extension on your browser, follow the steps outlined below;

  • Open your chrome browser from your PC/
  • Search Google for “Social Profile View Notification” or Click Here to get directly to the platform (Check platform on the image below)
  • Click on “Add to Chrome”
  • A pop-up notification will appear on the top of your browser requesting that you either Add the extension or cancel (see the image with a red mark below for clarification)
  • Click on “Add Extension” and activate it.
  • Visit the Social Profile View Notification through your Facebook account.
    And, you’re now set. Open your Facebook, you’ll see a Visitors Tab at the top-bar, in addition to Search-bar inline with the search bar and home.

whenever you want to know who visited your profile, You’ll have to click on the visitors’ tab and a pop-up notification box with showed up displaying your latest Facebook visitors.

Using who visited My Facebook Profile Andriod App.

This is also a good app design and built for android users to help them track people who visited their profile on Facebook directly from their phone.

How to Get this App?

Step 1: Firstly, Download the app from HERE

Step 2: Install and launch the app

Step 3: On launching the application, you will be asked to log in to your Facebook account, just do that.

If you are already login to your Facebook on the device, You will be asked for permission to access your Facebook account.

Step 4: Once you have successfully give them access to your Facebook account, the app will seek permission from you, all you need to do is to allow them.

After that, the app will immediately scan your Facebook profile and reveal the most current people who visited my Facebook profile alongside those who commented on and like your post.

Alright, now it’s left for you to choose which of the method you will like to use in viewing your visitors. However, If you have any questions on this, just hit us up in the comment section.

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Lastly Using Social Fan App for Ios

This particular app is just like the “Who View My Profile Android App” but this one is specifically designed for IOS users.

By using this app, it will definitely show your facebook profile or page stats like people who commented on your post, view your profile and those who like your posts.

Other from the fact that this app allows you to see who visited your profile on Facebook, it also allows you to track your other social media stats like Twitter, Instagram and a host of others.

How to Get Social Fan App?

  • Go to the App Store and search for “Social Fan App” or Click Here to visit the app page directly
  • Download the app and install it o your Ios device
  • Open the app and connect it to your social profile
  • Here, it will ask you for permission, kindly the permissions and move on to the next step
  • After the above step, you will be asked to choose your subscription plan
  • Choose according to your budget and complete your payment process

That’s just all you need to do. From here, you will begin to track your visitors using the app.

The only side effect of this app is that it comes with a subscription plan which is dahm costly.

Apart from Social Fan App, there are other fantastic apps that permit Ios users to know who visited your Facebook profile. these are;

  • Who Engages with My Profile on Facebook iOS App.
  • Manage your Social Accounts.

The recommended app is the second one “Manage your Social Accounts

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