How to Get A Val on Facebook – Facebook Valentine Day | Facebook Valentine Magic Moments

How to Get A Val on Facebook – Facebook Valentine Day | Facebook Valentine Magic Moments – it s fast counting to February 14 and a lot of people haven’t decided how it going to be. Most people see it as a thing meant just for couples alone or for people who are currently in a serious relationship.

This day is not just meant for lovers or couples alone. it is meant for each and every one of us. They said let love lead. We all need love to survive. It will be so lovely and sweet that we get to celebrate the force that binds us together, that supernatural force that makes us like one another.

With the introduction of technology, everything has been made so smooth and fast. The way we celebrate is fun and easy. Facebook in a special way makes it very catchy and colorful for when we celebrate on line.

Facebook Valentine Day

Are you among those that want to spend the special valentine’s day with someone and don’t know how to go about it? Relax I have figured out a way to help you get a Val Facebook. The platform has the spirit of always introducing a new feature to its uses to make it flexible and fun.

How to Get A val on Facebook

Using the messenger feature, you also stand a chance to tell someone you want their Val. One of the features available for you is the gift-wrapped message. If you are sending a message on the app to who you want as your Facebook Val, you will notice a little heart with an arrow right at the end. You can send a secret Valentine’s Day message to your love interest after clicking on the icon.

The moment you click on heart, Facebook will prompt you to say your valentine will be gift-wrapped.

How to Quickly download the FACEBOOK APP

  • From your smartphone visit your phone’s App Store.
  • Search for Facebook on the search bar.
  • Click on the Facebook icon of your choice.
  • Tap on install.

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