How to do the Best Silhouette Challenge – simple tricks to win the viral challenge on #twitter and Instagram

How to do the Best Silhouette Challenge – simple tricks to win the viral  challenge on #twitter and Instagram

The Silhouette Challenge is someone posing in front of a doorway and then suddenly turning into a silhouette when the lights go off. She strikes a seductive post like a is been a dance to the music of Paul Anka titled put your head on my shoulder.

Lots of people use Doja Cat’s song “Freak” in which she sample’s Anka’s song from the 1950s.

Their video explains how you can find a Snapchat filter called “Vin rouge” that helps you create a colorful silhouette look without the need for special lighting.

Then prepare your phone up ready to film, turn off the lights in your room but leave a door open to the hallway and make sure the hallway lights are on.

You will see on screen that this creates a perfectand hot silhouette look.

That means you can then perform your dance or whatever style of TikTok you were hoping to make in this silhouette form.

If you’re created a sudden contrast from normal pose to silhouette then you’ll need to film the clips separately as one will need the filter and one won’t.

Then just edit them together. This is totally simple.

For sure, this means you’d be filming the video outside of the TikTok app.

Now you’ll need to upload it to TikTok as soon as you are done.

You could always try the same steps but without a snapchat filter and put a coloured light in your hallway.

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