How to Connect Your Instagram to Your Computer | link Instagram and facebook on your PC.


HOW to Connect Your Instagram to Your Computer | how to link Instagram and facebook on your pc- let me first give you full assurance that this is something you can do with little or no stress. trying to connect your Instagram is something very easy and quick 

Using the Instagram’s help center on the topic in terms of linking or joining your Instagram to your Facebook, it is explained using just few little steps. But this setting is been done through your app’s setting

These three steps of explanations are for Android and window users in the undergo listed details.

If you are an ios user then follow these steps to help you connect your instagram to your Facebook

For ios Users Connect how instagram to computer

  • Go to your profile and tap the gear symbol.
  • Click on the linked accounts
  • Click Facebook ,it will provide a box for you to fill in your log in details and that will automatically connect your Instagram together.     

For Android Users how to connect instagram to

  • Access your profile and click on the triple dot arrange in a colon form
  • Iit will provide other options for you then all you will do is press the linked account button
  • Then click Facebook then fill in the provided box with your login details user name and password. instantly it will link you Instagram and Facebook together

If you’re a window user

  • A button of this format will appear (…) make sure to click on it.
  • Scroll down to preference and click on “share setting”
  • The next step to follow is click on Facebook and then trye in your user name and password. This will then link or connect your Instagram to your Facebook

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