Hill Climb Racing game is a brilliant combination both distance and physics arcade and puzzle game. As a game player, you might want to sit back and understand what this game is about before engaging yourself. For fun and entertainment sake, its really quite easy to maneuver your way if you get a grasp of what the game is all about.

hill climb racing game

 In the real world, running out of gas can be a situation you can survive but in this, it calls for a termination of the game. However, as you progress, you are provided at designed points to be refueled before reaching your destination. Hill Climb Racing game requires a great deal of calculation, concentration, and also passion for racing. Yes, because killing the driver is not and option in this world.

Keep the old farmer alive

Firstly, the entire point of this game is to drive as far as possible, sustain the life of the poor old driver by preventing the car from flipping over. Moreover, your gas gauge depletes rapidly the faster you accelerate, using your gas and brake to move. Now get this, you are trying to cover as much distance as possible, with limited gas depleting at a fast rate, on a meandering terrain.

Modern racing games often present racers with rewards in forms of coins, trophies, bonuses, upgrades, and so much more. Also, you find that Hill climb racing game has presents gamers with more simplistic graphics giving them a remarkable gaming experience.

The physics is real!

Navigating through the whole game can be frustrating and fun at the same time. However, if you are in search of a something to pass the time with, this is for you. Be warned, you might end up dedicating more time than you should.


As stated earlier, this game has a lot in stuck for you. From powerful devices to race cars, it is really addictive. It is supported on all android and IOS devices, and also on PCs. We encourage that, you follow these easy steps to download on all devices.

  • Make sure you are using and android or IOS supporting device
  • For Android users and PC users, visit Google play store
  • For IOS users, the game is available on Apple store
  • Go to the game category/ search panel
  • Search for “Hill Climb Racing”
  • Click on download.

Download and enjoy!


Like every society is governed by rules, every game is governed by rules which vary according to design and aim. To accomplish anything in this game, users must be willing to play patiently by the rules of the game. Furthermore, to advance to another level, you have to cover a certain level of distance. There are totally six stages in namely Countryside, arctic, desert, cave, highway, and moon. For a more pleasant experience, its creators deemed it fit to provide several power-ups, vehicles, and locations for racing. So, you can select and play based on what you want. Hill Climb racing game is easy to navigate, all you have to do use your brakes and gas intuitively. This would prevent abrupt refueling of your vehicle which might lead to an early termination of the stage.

Conclusively, this is a game designed to help you pass time. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy driving.

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