Google‘s Pixel 4XL is $549 for Cyber Monday

Google ‘s Pixel 4XL is $549 for Cyber Monday

Buying a company recently release phone can be expensive, even if you manage to find it on sale. By pickup last year’s model, you can save more money and still get a capable device. Enter the pixel 4XL.for Cyber Monday, Amazon is selling the Phone for $549. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen on the 4 XL.

Why obtain the pixel 4 xl when the pixel 5 exists? It comes down to the fact that Google took a different approach with its latest flagship. To make its new phone more affordable, the company didn’t spec it out with     Qualcomm’s current top-of-the-line processor, the Snapdragon765G. As a result, the pixel 4XL may be the older phone, but it’s still faster than the pixel 5. The latest pixel also doesn’t come with its motion sense and face unlock capabilities. We didn’t think Google nailed the execution of those features, but they‘re still something that the Pixel 4 XL has that the pixel 5 does not.

Amazon has also discounted the pixel3a XL to $299, down from $479. That’s another all-time low, with the phone previously costing as little as $319. We liked the 3a XL a lot when it came in 2019, giving t a score of 88. That said most people will be better off getting the newer pixel 4a, which costs $350 when it’s not on sale. That’s because the 4a improves on the 3a family in nearly every way. It comes with a faster processor, more RAM and storage, and an almost bezel-less design. Still, if you plan to buy a new phone soon and the cost is the most crucial consideration, you can’t go wrong with the pixel 3a XL.

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