FB Dark Mode App Latest Version

FB Dark Mode App Latest Version

FB Dark Mode App Latest Version – the high screen light reflecting from your phone while using the Facebook app at night might have some dangerous effect on the eyes.

The dark mode is one of the Facebook features that have been very interesting and sweet to use. The feature is known as “night mode”. The main purpose of night mode is to reduce the brightness of your device screen, completely giving it a dark interface.

The wonderful effect of this feature is the protection it gives your eyes from the bright light that comes directly from your phone or device screen. This feature can be switched on at night when the brightness of your phone is too much. the brightness can still be switched off in the day time when the brightness might not be enough.

Facebook Dark Mode App.

Have no fear or worry of losing your files or content when you switch to the dark mode, all your files and content will still remain safe. The color of your application or default color background changes to black from white. Another amazing feature of the dark mode is, it conserves your battery and make your device last longer.

Looking down at the screen is another with bright light for a long duration might also be a cause for eye problems. most eye defects are not inherited or transferred as a genetic trait but are caused by the consistent eye gaze at your device.

Steps To ENABLE Night Mode Latest version

  • Login your facebook account
  • Tap on the hamburger icon
  • Click on “setting and privacy” after scrolling down
  • You will see Dark Mode Below” your time on Facebook” and above the ‘language’ option
  • Click on the dark mode option to switch the dark mode theme on

This feature is available on Facebook lite, messenger, and PC .the company has assured us that the dark mode will be coming to the main app in a short time.

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