Facebook’s Added a secrete Dark Mode to Messenger | here’s how to find it.

Facebook’s Added a secrete Dark Mode to Messenger | here’s how to find it- just after testing it out for the last few months, Facebook is now including it new Dark Mode For Messenger. But then they have hidden the function.

In this article, I will be showing you how to activate the new function, note this may not be available to all users as yet.

First, ensure the messenger app on your device is updated to the latest version

Next go to any chat and head into that specific conversation’s setting by tapping on the name of the person, or people in the discussion at the top of your messenger window.

Just within the chat setting, change the chat emoji to the moon image. Now, head back into the chat and send the same moon emoji as a message.

For some users this is just okay to activate Dark mode(you can see the prompt in the third screenshot above noting that you’ve found dark mode), but for other, you may have to actually double-tap the moon emoji within the chat, I had to tap on the moon emoji a few times- eventually, it sparked a flood of moons falling down the screen, ten dark mode prompt appeared.

Once you’ve found the dark mode, you can tap on the prompt to head to settings and then activate it. Just as stated earlier to note, this may not be active for all users at this stage, some people are saying it is not active for them and as noted I tried it on a couple of devices with differing results.

Either way, it likely does mean that Facebook will not roll out dark mode to all users soon, not just those who know this trick. Facebook first previewed Messenger dark Mode as part of its broader app revamp announcement Last May, while code hacker JANE Manchun wong shares A screenshot of the option in developments back in October.

If you have trouble trying out this process, just calm the platform is working on releasing the dark mode for every one of its users soon.

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