Facebook public search privacy– Listing Previews- how to opt-out-control who can find you- Facebook Help Center

Facebook public search privacy– Listing Previews- how to opt-out-control who can find you- Facebook Help Center-when your Facebook information is set to display to the public, it is known as public info on Facebook. People who are not active on Facebook can still see and view contents you’ve shared with the audience set public as well as your info set to public.

What is public info On Facebook

Whatever it is that is been seen by everyone has been made to the public. This includes people who aren’t your friends, people on Facebook, and people who use various media such as, print, broadcast, and other sites on the internet

A clear example has been illustrated here for us, that if you use our service to provide Real-time public comments to a TV show, that may appear on the show or elsewhere on Facebook. Note that some of the information you give to Facebook when filling your profile form is made public, they include your age, country, email, phone number, and location.

The platform allows its user to add a lot of information about themselves to their profile, and the inherent function of the platform is to bring people closer together through sharing information.

In this article, you will know, more concerning Facebook’s public search. Held relax and enjoy the cruise as I enlighten you more. Kindly read down to the end.

Facebook Public search.

Last year, Facebook launched a new feature that made post searchable. At that time search was just limited to friends, now it includes every public post including yours and that which is not yours. making it an excellent time for Facebook privacy.

There are enough reasons to make your Facebook Post open to the public, but there are also plenty of downsides as well. Most especially when your post includes pictures and posts you want to keep away from the public.

Facebook Public Search Listing Previews

Your public listing previews show what other Facebook users can see when they’re logged out of Facebook and click the link to your Facebook profile from a search engine result.

You can only preview your public search listing when they’re logged into Facebook

Public Facebook Search- opt-out

Are you done wit the Facebook search? You can quickly out, follow the step below to out.

  • Launch your Facebook mobile app.
  • On your newsfeed, click the lock symbol icon at the top right end of your mobile screen,
  • Click on it. A purple dinosaur will pop up, click the question “who can see   my stuff”
  • A drop-down list of three option appears; only my friends and public
  • Click Only ME

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