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By | August 14, 2019

Am sure you’ve heard about Facebook Marketplace USA. Well, you are going to be knowing more about it here. Also, in a very different way adding to what you already know. As you know, Facebook Marketplace is a simple buying and selling feature attached to Facebook. Alongside the USA, it is also available in countries like UK, New Zealand, and Australia

Facebook Marketplace USA

Facebook Marketplace USA, is a facebook buying and selling platform available to users in USA. However, these users can buy and sell items in their location anywhere in the United States. All you need is to locate the item closest to you.

For you to easily buy products in marketplace facebook, you have to learn to give your closest location in the USA marketplace. Once, you know this, next is to have an item in mind be it used or free stuff. On Facebook Marketplace US, you can post items for sell with your nearest location to help buyers find it.

How to use Facebook marketplace near me USA

Firstly, you have to be a facebook user to use the marketplace facebook. It is quite easy to navigate and locate items of your choice anywhere across the United States. Take these steps to guide you:

  1. From anywhere in USA, go to facebook.com. You can use your PC or mobile devices
  2. Enter facebook marketplace- you can see this at the left corner by the news feed
  3. Next, try to locate items close to you in Facebook Marketplace USA or simply use the search box
  4. You would find a myriad of buying and selling groups that should meet your request

How to post an item of Facebook – buy and sell groups USA

It is really easy to post an item up for sale or free on Facebook Marketplace. Always remember to take a very clear shot of the item you want to sell. And use precise locations for buyers near me. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Facebook Marketplace
  2. Since you are here as a seller, use the buy or sell button
  3. Take a clear snapshot of the item- free stuffs, used cars, appliances, toys
  4. Remember to Facebook Marketplace near me only uses your closest location, so be sure to put your current and closest location
  5. Post your request to help buyers find you

You can earn good money using this marketplace on Facebook but be careful during transactions.

Top 5 secrets about Marketplace USA facebook items free

I have compiled a list of secrets to help you succeed on this platform whether you are buying or selling. Check them out:

  1. Learn to use precise locations- most people fail to use closest locations
  2. Use the search box- to find items easily use good search words based on the items. You can also use “free stuff”, “used cars”, “used trucks”
  3. The key is good communication
  4. Learn to negotiate and go for the best
  5. Be vigilant to avoid scam

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