Facebook marketplace cars for sale near me- used cars near me on facebook

By | August 15, 2019

Facebook marketplace cars for sale near me, is a medium where car dealers display different varieties of cars for sale within a certain locality. Some of these cars are new whiles others are already used cars. These transactions tend to be very efficient and smooth as these cars are been sold to buyers in a close range.

Facebook marketplace cars for sale near me

To get cars on Facebook marketplace, is so easy for both sellers and buyers, as facebook has created a section of marketplace for the sale of vehicles. this platform enable  car dealers to display their product while buyers access the platform to buy cars of their choice in a certain locality.

How to sell a car on facebook marketplace near me- selling on Facebook

In other to sell a car on facebook marketplace, you can make use of your phone to list your own vehicles for sale on marketplace. Include details and features of your car like the model, year, make and vehicle type.

Here are a few steps on how to list your car for sale
  • Log on to facebook.com
  • Tap on the marketplace near me on your phone or browser
  • Tap the camera icon and choose the car for sale
  • Select photos of your vehicles to upload and tap NEXT
  • Fill out the details for year, make, model, mileage, and then select Automatic or Manual Transmission tap Next.
  • Details of the vehicles such as accident, history, warranty and current condition of the vehicle. should be stated clearly.
  • Enter a price amount for your car
  • Choose where you want to post your listing either on your profile or buy and sell group on Facebook.
  • Always include your location
  • Tap post when you are done.

Once your car has been listed on the marketplace, buyers will reach you via message to learn more about your car.

Buying cars on marketplace Facebook- freebies on facebook

Under this platform buyers and sellers engage in a transaction within a certain location. Buyers are in a close range with car dealers and their product. this make’s the transaction less stressful as partners tend not to be too far from each other which ease the mode of delivery.

  • Type market place car near me on the search box. You can also search for a used car by its model, date of release, dealerships, and type.
  • Click the buy and sell button to make your request
  • You should see posts from sellers who are willing to sell used cars
  • Opt in and start negotiating with them

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