Facebook marketing is majorly used to attract customers and makes sales with the aid of Facebook page. Facebook pages are mainly created for business purposes, fame or other fun activities, it is a channel for reaching out to a large number of people.

After creating a Facebook page it is not wise to leave the page, always post contents relating to your business, this will attract more customers as updates posted by Facebook pages are publicly seen by fans

However, once a user on Facebook likes your post that means the individual is interested in seeing more updates from your Facebook marketing page, in other words, you need to post more contents that will draw the attention of customers to your business. When setting up your Facebook page, make sure you take enough time to fill the about section with a description containing keywords that will make your page appear in the search menu, this will also help promote your page.


Day by day more businesses rush into Facebook, using Facebook marketing to promote their various business, with all these, competition arises that’s why you’ll need to consider Facebook ads to take your business further. To use Facebook ads is very easy, all you need to do is follow these steps

  1. Login to Facebook ads manager then select a campaign objective for what you want for business.
  2. Set a name for your campaign then tap set up ad account
  3. Select audience, you can use information like age and location to get people you want your ads to reach
  4. Choose a platform where you want your ad, it can either be on Facebook, messenger or on Instagram, you can also choose all.
  5. Set a budget for your ad, it can be for as long as you like
  6. Pick a format which you want your ad to appear
  7. Then submit

Ads are not free, they are charged per your budget, you can choose whether you want your budget to be daily or for a lifetime, you can also set dates of you want your ads to run within a specific period of time.


This might be the first time some people are seeing Facebook ads manager, well you can also post ads on Facebook, to do so you’ll firstly need to

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. At the top right corner of your page, you’ll see an arrow pointing down, click on it
  3. From the drop-down tap manage adverts

In conclusion, after the above steps, you’ll be redirected to the ad page where you can create your own ad. If you like you can have multiple ad accounts.

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