Facebook Happy New Year’s Status – happy new year 2021 |SMS, Quotes, Messages, WhatsApp status

Facebook Happy New Year’s Status – happy new year 2021 |SMS, Quotes, Messages, WhatsApp status – the story of your future depends on how you plan today. 2021 we believe after all the tough times and challenges we have faced in the year 2020, 2021 will be different. Happy Happy new year to all of you and I wish you a lot of goodwill as you step into 2021.

Facebook has been a supportive platform and nobody can dispute the fact. Imagine sending a Christmas card from one different continent to another. Sending letters, text, images, and even sending wishes to loved ones from different parts of the world for free. Facebook has really done a good job and they deserve some accolades.

In this article, you will find cozy, and encouraging words of text to send to your loved ones from different parts of the world, via Facebook. These new year wishes, you can use them even as a status update, Messages, Quotes, and even SMS.

Quotes, SMS, Messages, text, photos to send and wish loved ones a happy new year.

  • In this year 2021 story will be different the road will be smoother and the hope will surely manifest in your life and the ones you care for the most.
  • In2021 the peace and understanding that provides fortune and success shall never depart from your home.
  • New friends, new ideas, new gifts, new characters, and new grace will overflow in the year 2021.
  • Always thank God or the guidance and protection, for seeing you up to the year nobody ever believed anyone will see.
  • 2020 has come and gone, withal its difficulties and hardship.2021 is here and I am assuring you all that was lost will return back to you in double folds.
  • To all my Facebook friends, family, and colleagues, I wish you a prosperous new year with much of achievements and blessings.
  • If you have wronged anybody throughout last year.

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