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Avatar Creator Facebook | Make Your Avatar – Gone are those days when we find it so uneasy to express our thought and emotions using the generic sad, happy, angry, thumbs ups emojis on Facebook. Facebook Avatar New Feature has more to offer you.

Facebook Avatar rolled out it’s amazing super feature to users in the US. After launching last year in other countries.

Just like the Bitmoji Snapchat, the features in it creative ways allows Facebook users to create cartoon avatar of themselves. Ranging from changing of hair color, to skin complexion as well changing outfits. These are some of the creative and amazing features you can use the Facebook avatar features for.

One of the major ways we communicate to our friends and love ones through social media platforms like Facebook, and that’s why it is very important for users to be able to express themselves. Some of the reactions from without typing makes it understanding to the people you are connecting to with about your condition. (heartbroken, hungry, sleepy happy, more.

So many emotions and expression to choose from the avatar features. Avatar Creator Facebook let you engage and reacts more authentically with relative, partners and family.  

I believe by now you are filled with excitement as you can’t wait to try Out these features recently included in this social media platform.

How To Create Your Own Avatarr On Facebook


  • Open the Facebook app on your Ios or Android phone, then tap on the horizontal lines in the buttom -right of your screen


  • Scroll down and tap “ See more”


  • Tap on “Avatars”


  • Tap next then “Get started”


  • Choose a skin color or skin tone that best looks like yours and then tap”Next”


  • Now go through each section of hair color, face shape, eye shape, hairstyle, eye color and outfits. Then create your avatar to your choice. There are more sections for face lines and complexion if you want to go into much details.


  • As soon as you are done creating your avatar and you are happy with how it looks. tap the check mark sited at the top right corner of your screen.


  • It will load for a little while. Once you are done type tap next


  • Tap “Done”. And that’s all simply right.

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