Facebook Avatar: Here’s how to make yours –

Facebook Avatar: Here’s how to make yours – – Facebook Avatar feature was released recently in the united states in this year 2020. Before now, it has been released in a few countries. New Zealand is one of the countries that the features first introduced before the year 2020.

It clearly means that definitely user in New Zealand might have experience the feature before this time. If this feature is new to you, here I will be outlining tips and easy ways on how to create your own avatar.

Making use of the Facebook Avatar maker 2020 has a lot of fun attached to it. You can as well be a part of this fun if you need some. We will be guiding you on how to use the Facebook Avatar Maker 2020 to create your own avatar. Making your own avatar goes for free, and if you are yet to create your own avatar then you are missing out a lot which shouldn’t be so.

Facebook Avatar Maker

The Facebook official app is just all you need to install in your device to create your own Facebook avatar. The pleasant news here is that the Facebook official app is always available for Android and iOS devices.to create your own avatar al you need is to install the app on your device and get started.

How to Make my own Avatar

Following these guide below you will be amazingly successful to make your Facebook avatar. Get to your smart device and let’s make some avatars.

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your device
  2. Tap the Menu icon and tap on the ‘see more’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘Avatar’ options
  4. Tap ‘Next’ and then select the ‘get started’ button
  5. Select your skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, face shape and customize your avatar.
  6. When you are through customizing select a body shape, select an outfit and tap on the checkmark icon at the upper right side of the screen
  7. Tap ‘Next’ and you are completely ‘DONE’

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