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Facebook ads or Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to advertise your business on the internet today. This feature allows business people promote their business, reaching billions of people across the globe. If you are business person, you understand the essence of reaching a wide range of audience and create awareness for your business.

Facebook ads

Facebook Business Advertising | Types of Facebook Ads

Depending on your goal of using the ad, over 10 campaign objectives are offered by Facebook. Also, you can use various ad formats to focus your ads on your target audience.

  1. Photo Facebook ads
  2. Video Facebook ads
  3. Slideshow Facebook ads
  4. Facebook Collection ads
  5. Facebook Canvas ads
  6. Facebook Lead ads

You can use these ads anyhow you want, depending on what you aim to accomplish for your business. Remember, over 2 billion people use this platform daily, so make it count.

How to create Facebook ads

From improving your conversion rate, gaining more traffic, to growing your business base, advertising on Facebook is go to. This feature can be found on the dashboard above the New feeds (you should find a button tagged, “Create”)

  1. Choose campaign objective depending on the most important metrics for your business and the goal of this ad.
  2. Target your audience, by maximizing ROI (Location, gender, online behaviors, connections, detailed targeting, custom audiences, and lookalike audience)
  3. You can set your budget and schedule, by deciding how much you can invest in your advert.
  4. Pick a format for your ads
  5. Place your order

Facebook advertising is effective allows users to pay and boost their online business credibility. It has led to improving a very broad global business network. More often, business people are forced to advertise their business to boost their traffic. These ads enable every business to select their target audience, purpose, boost their online presence at a cheap rate.

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