Enable Free Facebook – How To Switch To Free Mode FB

Enable Free Facebook – How To Switch To Free Mode FB – Facebook is sill that big social media with everything including amazing features that will bond you more to it. This platform is still the giant among social media in the world. with a lot of amazing features that come with it, users can’t resist the joy and comfort of using this app.

Because of bandwidth charges, some users are limited from enjoying Facebook to the Fullest. These charges are most in the African continent where users will have to source out ways to afford data to access the internet. The company took such challenges into consideration and decided to help it,s users. And this is what brought the idea of the company introducing the free Facebook.

Facebook Free mode

Free mode on Facebook as the name means, is a feature that grants facebook users free access to the Facebook app without any form of payment or charges. all for free and facebook get to access the Facebook app like any other users. When the free mode is activated, users are limited to uploading videos and pictures. Using the free mode won’t allow you to view people peoples status or see their pictures that they upload.

Free Mode App

Just as the way we mentioned earlier, no extra app is required to switch on the free mode. You don’t need much. All you need is just a Facebook append make sure you are using the latest version of Facebook, and you are good to go.

How to Enable Free Facebook

For you to activate your free facebook you need just a couple of steps to allow. First, log into your Facebook account, and carefully look at the top of your screen. In the top right corner, you will see a people box with written in it “Free Mode”. Just tap on it to get it activated. Tp o it to switch back to the normal data mode.

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