EarnersFX – Earners FX Review | Get Back at Least4 40% of your Investment in just 5days

By | January 18, 2021

EarnersFX – Earners FX Review | Get Back at Least4 40% of your Investment in just 5days – EarnersFX which is also known as TeamEarnersFX is a forex trading platform that was designed for people that only have little to invest in Forex and by investing will make income from it.

Earnersfx platform has been around for a long time now, and a lot of people are saying that it has been paying them and they are still getting paid from it. But I don’t think they are as legit as they claimed to be because there is almost no information on their contact page, except an email address and their address. Even the included location to their page is not real as a lot of sources confirmed that the owners of this forex trading solution are Nigerians. But their location on the page says New York, USA.

At the moment, the EarnerFX tradiing solution provided five investment subscription packages, and they are stated below as follows.

  • The Silver – the subscription is NGN 3,000 for 7 days (with 40% ROI).
  • The Gold –the subscription is NGN 5,000 for 14 days (with 85% ROI).
  • The Diamond – the subscription is NGN 10,000 for 14 days (with100% ROI).
  • The Platinum – the subscription is NGN 20,000 for 30 days (with 120% ROI).
  • The Titanium – the subscription is NGN 50,000 for 30 days (with 150% ROI).

The ROL simply means a return of investment and that makes it look more legit and real because they are mentioning to you that you should not expect to be rich with them overnight, that is one good sign for any investment website.

How the EarnersFX Trading Platform works

  • For the Sliver: as soon as you get the package of NGN 3,000, they will credit you NGN 4,200 returns after seven days and if you try to earn up to NGN 2,000 from the bonus activities. That makes it NGN 6,200 for you after seven days.
  • For the Gold: immediately you purchase the package of NGN 5,000, you will receive NGN 9,250 returns after 14 days, and when you earn NGN 4,000 from bonus activities. That makes it NGN 13,250.
  • For the Diamond: once you get the package of NGN 10,000, you will be credited NGN 20,000 returns, and if you are able to earn NGN 4,000 from bonus activities. It will make it NGN 24,000 after 14 days.

The EarnersFX team have amazing bonus schem for it users to enjoy they include the folloinwg.

  • You can also get it from the Telegram task.
  • Bonus from WhatsApp task.
  • Bonus from the Twitter task.
  • The ones you get from the Instagram task.
  • You can also get from raffle draws.
  • The bonus you get when you log in every day.
  • The bonus you get while watching video Ads.
  • From downloading some paid Apps.
  • Bonus from the Facebook task.
  • From YouTube task.

how You Can Make Withdrawal from EarnersFX

You can withdraw your earnings at any time of the day & week you want. you will have to have at least NGN 5,000 remaining in your balance. You can withdraw the minimum amount of NGN 5,000 and a maximum of NGN 99,999 (NGN 100,000). It will take 3 days for you to get your withdrawal.

How you can join Earners FX

Taking part in this platform is very simple and straight all you have to do is a closer look at the steps below.

  • Download the TeamEarnersFX App first.
  • After downloading, launch the App and click on Register now.
  • You will see the sign-up form display on your screen. Make sure that you fill in your details correctly. After that, click on the Register Now button.
  • Then return to the main page and tap on the Login button to log in to your account with the details you used to create your account.

How to Fund Your Account

Account funding can be done by

  • Paying with BTC or ETH.
  • Paying with perfect money
  • Internal money transfer
  • Coupon codes

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