Download the Facebook Dark Mode Latest app version 2020(Android & and iOS) – update Facebook Dark Mode App

Download the Facebook Dark Mode Latest app version 2020(Android & and iOS) – update Facebook Dark Mode App – Dark mode is a special and beautiful looking theme that is available in Facebook’s latest app versions. This amazing feature helps the eyes at night by making the screen look pleasing and unhurt for the eyes.

The eyes are fully protected when the Facebook Dark mode is enabled or turned on. this unique theme shields the eyes from the brightness that comes from the screen while using the phone at night. You can switch between the Facebook default interfaced the dark mode at the most convenient time for you.

This dark mode doesn’t just help the eyes alone but helps preserve the strength of your device battery. This app makes the app look so attractive and beautiful when turned on at night.

Dark mode Reviews.

Your Facebook app features do not change or malfunction when you switch the default interface to dark mode. The only change you get to see here is the color your theme gets. Now, it is vital you have an understanding that dark mode on Facebook is far above just mere beauty. There are certain key reasons why this feature was added to the Facebook app.

It is no doubt that constant exposing of the eyes to light rays has a side effect on the eyes., thereby affecting the health state of the eyes. To tackle this issue onboard, Facebook brought about the idea of the dark mode.

When the dark mode is been enabled on your Facebook app, you begin to have a soft view with no many bright lights entering into your eyes. This has been the reason why most people refer to the Facebook dark mode feature as Night mode.

Dark Mode app Update

You can only enable facebook dark mode when you are using the latest version of the Facebook mobile app. Currently, the dark mode is available on the Facebook iOS app but the facebook services are working on bringing it to its Android app as soon as possible.

Download Facebook Dark Mode Latest App

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Click on the hamburger icon
  • Click on “setting &privacy” after scrolling down
  • You will see dark mode below,
  • Kindly click on the dark mode option to enable the dark mode feature.

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