Create Gmail Account – Gmail New Account | How to Retrieve your Password with Google Account

Today, we are going to know how you can simply create gmail account from your mobile devices. Like we have discussed in previous articles, gmail is a user-friendly platform that enables you to send and receive messages from all over the place. However, you can also identify several uses of your google account on your PC and other compatible devices. Creating your account is nothing that requires many procedures, but all you have to know is as soon as you log in this newly created account, you have internet superpowers!

Create gmail account

It simply means, If you create gmail account you can do a lot of things from synchronizing your contacts and documents to helping you find your location. It’s just like a master key to everything you want but this time restricted by only you.

Billions of Gmail users everywhere use their account to access other google platforms like google photos, contacts, music, library, map, google ads campaign, classroom, and so many others. Lets quickly define a gmail account


The google team is moreover putting nose to the grindstone to ensure that its users are covered. If you are new to this, you should remember that GMAIL became a prominent electronic mail beating the likes of Yandex and Yahoo mail. Presently, it is seen as the safest, most simplistic, and most reliable way to go due to the fact that most phones already come with in-built google features.

Your Gmail account can be created in several ways. The process has over the years become easier than it was a few years back. First, this is how you can create an account with your mobile devices

Create gmail new account with mobile devices- New device

You can set up a new account with the following steps. Note that this can only work on compatible Android devices.

  1. Launch your Gmail app on your device
  2. Since it’s a new device, you will be asked to sign in to an existing account or create a new account
  3. Click on create new account
  4. Provide a unique name for your account and choose a password
  5. Finally, verify your phone number

On your PC, here’s what you do

  1. Launch your browser, preferably Chrome
  2. Visit or simply click on gmail on the top right corner of the page
  3. On the new page, click on the create account button in “blue”
  4. Select options to create your account for yourself or your business
  5. Next, choose a unique name and password
How to save and retrieve your passwords with the Gmail account

Your passwords can be saved on your gmail account. If you are the type that seems to forget passwords, you can now save your passwords on your next log in. Here, you can save all passwords in every platform using your chrome browser.

Use the guide to learn how. Note, you must have installed the Google Chrome browser

Save passwords
  1. Install Google Chrome browser
  2. Launch the app and sign in with your Gmail account
  3. When you log in to any platform, a notification will pop up asking if you want to save password
  4. Click on save password

Now let’s see how you can retrieve your passwords. Also, these passwords are usually attached to the gmail account you signed in your chrome browser with.

GMAIL ACCOUNT- Retrieve your passwords
  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. Locate the top search panel, where browser extensions are displayed
  3. Click on your google account image or profile display
  4. Click on passwords from the options displayed
  5. Retrieve the password you need

That’s all. Create your gmail account for your personal use and business.

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