By | January 21, 2021

Buy YouTube views- When anyone intentionally plays your video or allows it to buffer for a minimum of 3 seconds on autoplay, you earn views. For instance, if 500 viewers view your video on autoplay for more than 3 seconds and 1000 viewers play your video intentionally you get a total of 1500 views on that particular video whether or not you were online at the time of view. You can also buy YouTube views if you like.

However, when YouTube views, it adds to your view count on a video, youtube views make your video popular. The level of popularity your video gets will determine how high that video will be in the video ranking so if you don’t have enough views to give you high rankings you can buy YouTube views to get there. Although, when you buy YouTube views make sure you order from the best providers to make sure your views and genuine and lengthy.


Buying YouTube views is not always the best way to go as you could fall in the hands of scammers or fake providers and if you are determined to get YouTube views, try as much as possible to get from the best providers from the list below


When you buy YouTube views, it is not illegal or punishable. Neither will video get deleted nor your account gets banned for buying views. Normally, when view counts get to 300 YouTube access the views to check if they are actually viewed or bought views, that’s why it’s always good to buy views from good providers and not quacks, as the views from good providers will not be detected but those gotten from the quack providers will be easily detected and that will make your view count for that particular video stop at 300.


Additionally, likes you can purchase likes too from the same provider. When you buy YouTube likes, you are equally buying YouTube views only a slight difference in the cost. Recently, several providers offer both services. The following are advantages of YouTube views and likes

  • When you have a lot of views and likes on your videos, it causes online traffic. This implies that a lot of people are one way or another advertising your video you for others to see.
  • YouTube likes will give your video respect, making you an authority in your niche.
  • The more your like and views on YouTube the higher your chances of getting higher on the top searches.

Not all bought views and likes are fake as a lot of people will say they are. From the right providers, they are real. The providers are just like middlemen between you and the users that will view and like your videos. Hence, it is as good as paying anonymous people to view and like your videos through a network.

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