Audi’s Next-Gen Formula E racer has a Tiny and efficient powertrain

Audi’s Next-Gen Formula E racer has a Tiny and efficient powertrain – Audi’s latest Formula E car delivers a big boost in efficiency and weight savings, the company announced( as seen by CNET). The E-Tron FE07 Shares the same carbon-fiber body,18-inch Michelin road tires, and 52KWH Mclaren battery as other teams, however, it packs an all-new powertrain that Audi Hopes will give it an edge in the 2021 Formula E season.

The MGU05 Motor-generator is the vehicle’s new centerpiece, generating 335  horsepower that can be boosted to 385 horsepower in” attack mode” that allows for top speeds of 149mph, with a zero to 62mph time of 2.88 seconds. However, it now puts the power to the road much more efficiently. The MGU05 now runs at about 95 percent efficiency, matching rivals like Mahindra racing and nearly doubling the efficiency of the formula 1”S design and carbon fiber materials, the power unit’s overall weight is 33kilo Grams, helping reduce the EV’s overall weight.

During its tech talk, Audi said that the new efficiency gains actually came from its “ultra-lightweight technology” already incorporated into passenger vehicles, rather than the other way around. However, formula E will eventually makes it way to the company’s consumer models. We’ve got limited space to {develop hardware}, but with the software, I think we can exploit that a lot and it’s an area where we’re focusing a lot of our time” he said

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